Which builder is the largest in the world? Which country holds the largest market share for shipbuilding? Most people can give quick answers. However, after taking into account the offshore side of things, the answers are no longer straight forward.

We have CGT as a good measure of output and shipbuilding capacity. However, there isn't such a measure for the offshore arena (even though our efforts in establishing same continues). The "closest" apples-to-apples comparison we came up with now is USD value of the orderbook. The ranking of top 10 shipbuilders, according to CGT for commercial shipbuilding only and USD value for overall orderbook including offshore, will be looking respectively as below:

Rank Commercial Shipbuilding Only Offshore Builders Only Overall Ranking Including Offshore
Shipbuilder Name Market Share Shipbuilder Name Market Share Shipbuilder Name Market Share
(in CGT of merchant orderbook) (in USD value of orderbook) (in USD value of orderbook)
1 Hyundai Heavy, HHI 8.18% Samsung Heavy 22.91% Samsung Heavy 10.31%
2 Samsung Heavy 6.85% Daewoo, DSME 12.85% Hyundai Heavy, HHI 8.83%
3 Daewoo, DSME 5.93% Hyundai Heavy, HHI 11.90% Daewoo, DSME 6.82%
4 Imabari Shipbuilding 4.52% Keppel FELS 10.61% STX Offshore & Shipbuilding 2.91%
5 STX Offshore & Shipbuilding 3.65% Sembcorp - Singapore 7.03% Keppel FELS 2.03%
6 Hyundai Mipo, HMD 2.66% Cosco Shipyard 4.90% Hyundai Mipo, HMD 1.95%
7 Jinhai Heavy Industry 2.29% CIMC Raffles Offshore 2.50% Jiangsu Rongsheng 1.62%
8 Jiangsu Rongsheng 2.07% STX Norway 2.42% Cosco Shipyard 1.57%
9 Yangzijiang Shipbuilding 1.99% ABG Shipyard 1.88% Dalian Shipbuilding, DSIC 1.52%
10 Dalian Shipbuilding, DSIC 1.94% Keppel FELS Brasil 1.61% Jinhai Heavy Industry 1.37%

Figures as of 30 June 2011 (contact Worldyards if you need more details or most updated figures).


Sources: www.worldyards.com and www.worldyardsoffshore.com .

The complication to arrive at the above is the fact that in offshore shipbuilding, it is not unusual to build a hull in one country and then tow the hull thousands of miles away for outfitting or installation of the topside. Sometimes the value of the topside exceeds that of the hull. Sometimes the drilling module is delivered by a contractor rather than a shipbuilder. Worldyards developed the concept called Value added at Yard and try to the extent of our ability to break down the real value received by the builder to enable a more accurate value of the orderbook.

This new feature is now available to users of the online Worldyards system, we hope that this provides added value for your research purposes.